Shipping & Return Info- Please Read

free shipping-gofar essentials-travel accessories-travel gifts-traveler-products IMPORTANT- Please Read free shipping-gofar essentials-travel accessories-travel gifts-traveler-products

In order to keep our FREE Shipping Policy on orders over $25.00 please allow anywhere from 14-30 days for the order to be delivered. For some special or larger products, the delivery time can take a week or two longer. We know, we get it......That can be a long time. But we strive to keep our free shipping policy intact to keep our prices down.

We look forward to being your go-to shop for all travel accessories and gifts.

Thank you for your business !!

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Returns are limited to items based on wear & tear, and use. If you have received a product and feel the quality is not up to standards, please contact us. We will review the product, and may require a photo or two for verification. Some items, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, are limited due to health reasons.

We ensure all products meet health & safety standards and have yet to process a return claim! 

A Full List of countries we ship to is included here

Please refer to the Refund Policy provided here if there are any issues regarding your item or delivery. Orders cannot be canceled after 24 hours from purchase. These orders will need to be refunded per policy.