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GoFar Essentials was created as a one-stop-shop for travelers to discover accessories that supplement, not clutter, the travel experience.

Our mission is to give the traveler in you (or that special traveler you know) better peace of mind and a more enjoyable trip while embarking on a new journey!                           

While traveling, our team discovers and takes notes of items other travelers are using that have left an impression on us, making us wish we had the same product as well. We only go after the really good ones, however. 




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How nice would it be to have a reliable solar-charger that fits into your pocket and maintains a charge all day long? You'd never need to worry about plugging this into the wall and waiting for a charge. Trust us, this has been a real lifesaver! (Just make sure the sun is out- maybe not the best for Icelanders)                                               


These are just a few of the travel accessory products we've decided to add to our collection. 

Think about a few items for your next trip:

How about an all-in-one adapter that can be used all throughout the world, with no need to dissemble or configure?  

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You'll notice some products also lean towards the side of more of a fashion accessory, such as our airplane tie pins. Why these products you might ask? One of the hardest gift ideas to get that traveler friend you most undoubtedly have is a travel-themed gift, without breaking the bank. These products, we've discovered, have been a huge hit with this crowd! Flight attendants, pilots, digital nomads and just your everyday wanderlust wear these types of fashion accessories with pride! Get something that truly speaks to their lifestyle.


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Lastly, here at GoFar Essentials we want you, the customer, to know we keep you in mind not only as a fellow traveler, but also as a customer. Our service is efficient, reliable, and designed for YOU.

If the product doesn't meet our must-have checklist, as shown below, then we won't add it to our site!


All of our products have a few things in mind:

  • Convenience
  • Ease of transport
  • Does it bring peace of mind to your travels?
  • Is the product transferable to most (if not all) countries?

We look forward to serving you. Please check us out on Facebook and send us a message sometime! Tag our marketing Instagram page to get mentioned with one of our products!

Before we go, SAFE & HAPPY TRAVELS TO YOU!!!

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