Bamboo-Charcoal Activated Whitening Toothpaste

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This trending HOT product is the 'black toothpaste'  you've seen all over Youtube and Facebook. This is a much safer, healthier alternative toothpaste made with natural ingredients. The whitening effect is very powerful, noticeable results in less than a week.

We are convinced this will be your new toothpaste alternative once you try it! Oh, and there is no taste whatsoever!  

Main ingredients:

Bamboo charcoal C active ion, Holly AB element, 12 kinds of plant glycosides, pearl calcium powder, etc.


Has five characteristics:

A. Protects tooth enamel - effectively cleans teeth without hurting the tooth enamel.


B. Efficiently removes stains -- bamboo charcoal C active ion and surface active agent, powerfully adsorb and get rid of tooth surface of all smoke stains, tea stains, stains, giving you bright, white, strong healthy teeth.


C. - Holly plant glycosides can remove harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, the prevention of dental cavities.


D. Solid tooth and gum protectio -- twelve kinds of plant extracts, release negative oxygen ion and far infrared ray can help to improve the ecological environment of the oral cavity, promote the metabolism of the oral; nutritional supplement gums, relieve gum atrophy, make oral more fresh and healthy.


E. Keeps fresh breath - no real flavor, helps remove mouth odor, gives you a clean and natural breath.


Size: 100g 


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